Root Vegetable Peeling Machine

July 20, 2023
Every time it comes to the season of harvesting potatoes, whether it is the farmers in the field or the potato processing manufacturers, there is a busy scene everywhere. Seeing the round and golden potatoes all on the field, the joy of harvest filled everyone's face. Potatoes play an important economic role and are also one of the promising crops. There is no shortage of potatoes in our daily life. Potatoes have risen from a cheap commodity to fill our stomachs to one of the top ten popular nutritious and healthy foods. The many advantages and low cost of potatoes have been recognized by many processors. The traditional way of peeling potatoes is to peel them manually with a peeling knife. With the advancement of technology, the vegetable and fruit peeling machine of Henan Jiuxuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is an effective method for peeling tuber vegetables. It can quickly peel the root vegetables, reduce the peeling loss to 4-7%, and significantly increase the yield of the product.
Application range
The vegetable peeling machine is suitable for peeling a variety of tuber vegetables, especially for potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, taro, beets and other vegetables.
1.It is suitable for kinds of fruit,root vegetable ,shellfish ,seafood, fish scaling and animal organs washing,etc.
2.High quality 304 stainless steel and 9 psc roller brush.
3.It can dry clean and wet clean ,with flexible spray nozzle.
4.98% peel rate after using potato peel removing machine.
5.Customized services .For example,we can add adjustable washing speed device,extra water tray,etc.
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