200kg/h Vegetable Washing Line Panama

January 21, 2022
Inquiry Date: 
Feb. 5, 2021 Client Janson sent a inquiry for cucumber and tomatoes washing machine.
After talked with him, we knew he needed a washing machine and drying machine for cucumber and tomatoes. He had his own company for washing the vegetable and sold to supermarket. The capacity was 200kg/h. High quality for the vegetable was necessary.
We recommended a bubble washing machine(2.5m length) and a drying machine(4m length for him).
Tomatoes washing machine

Problem 1:

During the negotiation, he worried about the damage occurred by the connection of the two machines.

Solution 1:

Our technology made lots of drawing and testing for him. Finally, Janson believed this machine can clean his vegetables without any damage.

the factory design and details of tomato washing machine

Problem 2:
After the solution fixed, he considered the shipping fee is too high now.
Solution 2:
We consider the current situation, decide to bear the risk of freight rising. Finally, the client ttransfer the payment.

vegetable washing machine in Panama

After 1 month of manufacture, the good was okay, and delivered to him.

small scale vegetable and fruit washing line


packing for vegetable and fruit washing line

Picking up the machine by client
June 24, 2021 our Janson picked up the machines and start installation.
feedback from our clients for tomatoes washing and drying line
June 28, 2021, we got good news from him, the machine is working very good.
cumcuber washing machine for sale
As long as the machine workable and helpful for our client, we are happy.
We not only just sell the machine to our clients, but also help them to earn money.
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