India's Feedback On Vegetables And Fruit Washing Production Line

November 29, 2021

It is a busy day On Sep 7, 2020. Our sale, Elsa, got her first order from India. This clinet needed a set of vegetable and fruit wahsing production line to clean vegetables and put this vegetable into refrigerated storage, then exported to other countries. As a vegetable supplier, he needed a machine with huge output to clean quickly. Meanwhile, those machine can help him reduce labor cost.

Based on this purpose, firstly, Else tells our Indian friends the appilication of this production line. It is not only used for all kinds of vegetables, but also some fruit. Therefore, it is the best choice for our Indian friends.

Secondly, Elsa contsulted our engineer about capacity. They said they would equip best parts to meet his needs. He can use our machien without worry.

At last, Elsa said during the whole September, we have a special offer,about 3%-5% off, for our client. During this period, you can have extra parts for free. Under her's promotion, our Indian friends confirmed the details with Elsa. Today, she received advanced deposit. Our stuff said congratulations to her. If you want to know more details, please contact us as soon as possible. Wechat/whatsapp: 8613213203466, Email:, Offical website:

confirm the order of vegetables and fruit washing machine

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