800-1000kg/h Pitaya Washing And Drying Line In Ecuador

December 06, 2021

Country: Ecuador

Project: 800-1000kg/h pitaya processing line

Raw material: Pitaya

Requirement: remove dirty without damage

Moto: Siemens Brand

Voltage: 240V/60Hz Three-phase electricity

On Aug 1st, 2021, Julk reveived a new inqury from Ecuador, our client wanted to washing pitaya quickly. In order to make the best solutions, she consulted our engineer how to get higher capacity to meet our client's needs.

Firstly, she understood customer's requirements and knew the final products he wanted to make. Then, vegetable and fruit washing and drying line is suitable for his vegetable washing plant.

Sceondly, introducing fruit washing line including materials, functions, voltage etc to him and sending food machinery pictures and videos to him so that our client could learn more details to make a good decision.

Thirdly, discussing the details of vegetable processing line, it can washing other fruit and vegetable without damage.

Finally, they made sure the final solutions.

On Aug 16th, she received the payment. Our customer said that if this line can washing pitaya well, then he would begin other business with us.

But in the process of communication, our client emphasized on the motors. The client waned to use Siemens Brand in order to use them for longer time. According to client’s need, we confirmed the final project.

Work flow of vegetable washing and drying line

Elevator → high pressure cleaning machine → bubble washing machine → air drying machine → picking line

pitaya washing and drying line





1900 x 920 x 1300mm


High pressure cleaning machine



Bubble washing machine

4200 x 1450 x 1450mm

6.6 kw

Air drying machine

4200 x 1000 x 1450mm


Picking line

3000 x 1020 x 900mm


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Pitaya washing and dring line in Ecuador

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