Potato Chips Plant in Kenya

April 27, 2022

On October 22nd, Elsa received one inquiry from our Joyshine website, the customer came from Kenya, she inquired a semi-automatic potato chips line and provided her WhatsApp number.

Later, through detailed communication with the customer, we learned that she actually plans to make fresh french fries which are not fried, and then plan to make potato chips next year.

During talking with her, we found that she should have done some study of the french fries making, for example, she knows the each process very well: like peeling, sorting, cutting, and also she knows fries sorting, but her current understanding is rather messy, not systematic enough. Through my professional explain and video assistance, the total 26500USD order was confirmed within 4 days, she decide to pay the deposit on October 26. 

Henan Joyshine Machienry Co., Ltd.Henan Joyshine Machienry Co., Ltd.

Anyway, it is a pity that deposit payment was returned two days later due to the problems of her bank system, and the worse news for us is: after the cooling-off period, she felt she made an impulsive decision, because Chinese New Year was approaching, even she placed the order now, she could not receive the machine before new year, so she was thinking to invest the funds in other projects firstly.

In case of unexpected cases, I decide to provide her a discount under the name of year-end promotion, and also promise to her that we can work overtime to finish her machines as soon as possible, then, we received her deposit successfully the next day. 

If you want to know more details, please contact us by email:info@bestjoyshine.com, whatsapp/wechat:8613213203466.

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