Poultry Cutters' Feedback From Cambodia

November 29, 2021

September is a good month for foreign trade industry. Although Covid-19 has a big influnce in all industry, especially import and export trade. But our sales still make good performance during hard times. In our sales team, Bellar Lv leaves deep impressions on me. On Septmber 3, she received 100% payment of poultry cutter from Cambodia.

Bella recieved the inquiry on August 29 and confirmed customer demand. At first, the client didint know about our products and how to use to process chicken. Our Bella explained all the functions, methods, materials and all details that he wanted to know.

Secondly , she sent a lot of videos of how to use poultry cutter and our cases.

Finally, our client decided to trust our products.

Therefore, our customer make a new order on September 3. Congratulations on her and Joyshine company

Chicken Cutting Machine for sale

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