Share Case of Potato Peeling Machine From Jordan

January 05, 2021



Customer: Mr. Ammar

Country: Jordan

Purchasing products: potato cleaning and peeling machine 


On December 10, 2019, at 10 pm, I received an inquiry from a customer from Alibaba. I immediately added the customer’s WeChat account and chatted with the customer about product requirements.

On December 11th, I sent a quotation to the customer in the morning. The customer has a freight forwarder in Guangzhou, so we need to ship to Guangzhou and update the quotation.

On December 12, the customer sent a message saying that an order needs to be placed. I drafted the PI and sent it to the customer. After that, we discussed some details about the machine. After my professional explanation and video sharing, the customer determined the final equipment needed. .

After we discussed the delivery date and payment method, the customer decided to let his friend pay in RMB.

Every Chinese New Year, we have a lot of orders to produce. Although it is very busy, in order to catch up with the time of the customer's container, we finally completed the production in about 7 days and sent it to Guangzhou according to the customer's request.

When we delivered the goods to the address sent by the customer, the agent did not accept the goods. Later, we learned that the agent might have had any misunderstandings with the customer. However, we cannot let the customer solve this unexpected situation and cannot take all the responsibilities. They are all pushed to customers, so we have found an agent in Shanghai for the customer to arrange the goods, and the goods were sent to the customer’s port smoothly.

Although this may be a trivial matter, being responsible to customers is a principle we have always adhered to and what we have been doing.

I believe that our price has a great competitive advantage among the peers, and we provide very important after-sales service, which is very important for the machinery industry.

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