Shipping Vegetables And Fruit Washing Production Line To India

December 20, 2023
Here is a good day for our Indian client. Because his vegetables washing line will be delivered by ship to his country. 
Firstly, our sale, Elsa, contacted shipping agent to load the goods in our factory on the early morning of Nov 8. Shipping Agent aranged a container truck to deliver our goods. Then the container will be delivered by ship to his country. 
Secondly, she contacted manager in the factory to check the products well and prepared for loading. In the noon, the driver came. Our manager began to work. During the loading, he took a lot of pictures and videos to Elsa, in order to tell our client that the products are protected well and confirm the receiving time.
Finally, the goods were loaded at 4:00pm. Then Elsa informed our Idian client. He said that was a best day. Hope to cooperate with us next time. 
shipping vegetables and fruit washing production line to India
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