Banana chips business with your rice banana sources

October 22, 2022

Banana Production
Banana is the eighth most important food crop worldwide.while ranks fourth for developing nations. They are grown in more than 150 countries, which produce around 105 million tons of fruit annually, and tens of thousands of people rely on the $8.9 billion industry for work.The largest exporters of the bananas are Ecuador the Philippines. Costa Rica. Guatemala. and Colombia. The top importer is the U.S.. followed by European Union.

Banana Processing

Bananas are considered as a nice energy-rich food and are consumed in several varieties of preparation and forms. In the main producing countries, bananas are
generally consumed in the fresh form. But as it's highly perishable in the natural environment. there is a need to preserve banana by processing it into banana chips.
banana jam and so on.

Banana Chips

Banana chips are a healthy snack food for people of all trades. It contains nutrients such as Vitamin A and C which are essential to the human body.while also have low
at and low sodium. lt is one of the processed products of banana which can be produced easily and if proper packaged(Automatic Packing Machine is widely used for automatic packaging of bananas chips) it will store well for months. Banana chips have different flavors such as sweetened unsweetened. honey-dipped and salted. It also has different cuts like whole, halves, quarters and broken. The U.S. is leading importer of processed chips.

Banana Varieties for Chips Making

In India, Nendran is widely used for processing banana chips; In Latin American, banana chips called chifle are made from green or ripe plantains. Cavendish, which accounts for 45 percent of the fruit’s global crop. is the best choice for cheap large-scale production of banana chips. This variety makes up about 95 percent of global banana exports. It is almost the same size and shape, processing can be standardized. scaled up and made super-efficient.his makes banana business (including banana chips business) thriving or standardization and large scale.

Banana Chips Production Line

The automatic banana chips production line is suitable for large-scale banana chips production. It features high automatic and high efficiency. Semi-auto banana chips
production line
 is mainly used in the small and medium-size enterprise (SME). Joyshine's machines have good quality and reasonable price in the market and have won acclaim at home and abroad.

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