Potato Chips Machine Equipment Production Line

July 15, 2023
The original cut potato chips do not add any flour, and what you eat is the sweet starch of the potato itself, so it is widely loved by everyone. The original cut potato chips only cut the potatoes to the degree of thin and not broken, so that the potato chips will not be fried into pieces because of the high temperature, and the aroma of oil sizzling, chugging, delicious unlimited. The ancient processing technology, coupled with modern processing technology, below, Xiaobian will take you to understand the modern processing process of the original cut potato chips, to understand the functions of the automatic potato chip production line.
1.Potato washing and peeling machine
Brush cleaning machine cleaning, peeling efficiency is high, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning, simple operation, durable.
2.Potato catting machine
After cleaning and picking the potatoes into the slicer for cutting, cut the potato chips uniform thickness, beautiful, less material consumption.
3. French fries blanching machine
Potatoes are rich in starch and change color easily when exposed to air. After rinsing the potato chips into the blanching machine, can protect the color and sterilization.
4. Dewatering machine
The potato chips after blanching are cooled quickly by the air dryer to avoid the waste heat destroying the nutrients in the raw materials, and also to avoid the re-contamination and mass reproduction of microorganisms; The residual moisture on the surface of potato chips can be air-dried to maintain the original state of potato chips to a greater extent.
5.Frying machine
Frying machine adopts a new frying process, accurate temperature control, maintain the original taste, fried potato chips golden color consistent, taste crispy.
6. Deoiling machine
The deoiler can remove the excess oil on the surface of the fried potato chips, improve the taste and facilitate the seasoning.
7. Potato chip seasoning machine
Continuous seasoning machine can make potato chips and seasoning powder fully mixed evenly, continuous operation can make each potato chip evenly mixed seasoning, greatly improve seasoning efficiency.
8.Potato chip packaging machine
Automatic weighing and packing machine, high speed, high efficiency.
Different flavors of fried potato chips, our company can provide a variety of production equipment in a single process, to help you produce a variety of packaging and flavor products.
If you are interested in automatic potato chip production line, please feel free to call our professional and technical personnel, our company will provide exclusive processing solutions and professional full process services according to your processing needs.
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