After-sale Questions of Continuous Fryer From USA

January 05, 2021

On April 27, 2020, I received an inquiry from an American customer. In order to expand production, he planned to purchase a new continuous fryer machine to fry his frozen empanada.

In following days, I professionally introduced our machine about all the details and he happily confirmed the order and paid.

On September 10th, the customer finally received the machine. But because of the long distance transport, a minor problem occurred.

We never left the customer with the problem, always helped him with suitable solution, finally, the problem is solved perfectly.

Through our online guidance, he successfully installed the machine and started production. After using several days, he was very satisfied with our fryer and surprised on the amazing frying effort, so he introduced a new customer to us. In return, we gave him some spare parts as gifts.

It is really a happy purchasing!

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