French Fries and Potato Chip Production Line From Libya

November 29, 2021

Project: French fries production line and potato chip production line

Country: Libya

Place of use: Tripoli, Libya

Project amount: 200,000 US dollars

The client is a successful businessman from Libya with more than 23 years of business experience. His business covers Libya, Nigeria, Dubai, Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Jordan and other markets. During the communication and confirmation of the project with the client, the client demonstrated the professionalism and quality of a successful businessman. Regarding the French fries and potato chip production line, the client explored this market for the first time. After discovering the huge potential of this market, he decisively found us, During my communication with my customers, the customers also received quotations and services from more than 10 suppliers. During my discussions with the customers, the research on the layout and the construction site of the plant, the customers showed incomparable professionalism and strength to me, Julk and our factory. Appreciation, the customer flew to Nigeria to find a site during this period, and made it clear that it would establish a second production base in Nigeria, and will continue to expand the scale to establish factories in other countries.

In November, the customer authorized the Bank of Dubai to pay 40% deposit of 80,000 US dollars. All the equipment is in an orderly production under the premise of ensuring quality. It can be shipped in mid-January, confirming that the customer can quickly receive the equipment and put it into the market as soon as possible Use to gain benefits. During the production of the equipment, the customer continued to add our food equipment including the snacks frying line, and authorized me to go to the Chinese market to find other products to help him purchase and ship.

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