Pakistan Customer For 100kg/h semi-automatic French Fries Production Line

December 18, 2021

Julk received one inqury from Pakistan on Nov 12. 2020, our client wanted to consult fully autoamtic french fries line for his french fries plant and business. The following is his demands:

1. Machine material: food grade stainless steel

2. Fries line should be automatic with capacity 150kg/h.

3. They need electric heating fryer to fry french fries quickly with high quality.

4. Need videos of working machine and pics and explain the detaisl of machine.

5. For beginners, fully automatic french fries line and semi-automatic one, which is better for his business under covid -19 with low budget?

6. How to arrange machines to our country and reduce ocean freight?

According to the problem , Julk sent a lot of videos of working and operating machine to our client. Then talk the details with him, like all the machines that be in the whole process of making french fries, including semi-automatic one and fully automatic one. And tell the difference between them, it made our client think more about his situation.

And the material adapts high quality 304 stainless steel used for longer time in food industry. At the same time, we have one year warranty to guarantee his right. We have good after sales service. It is not the big problem about the problem.

Then, they talked the important machine-fryer. Here are three kinds heating method to choose. Gas, electric and both of them. They have different advantages for our clinets from different countries. Which is the most economical and practical you can choose the one? Aiming to Pakistan area, we suggested electric one. Comparing the others, this heating method is his best choose to pay for fewer cost. Finally, our client followed our suggestion.

Thirdly, acoodrding to his situation, as a beginner, Julk adviced him to use semi-automatic one for his low budget and covid-19. Because there are a lot of uncetain factors to influence business plan and expecting interests. She adviced that when french fries business is stable, he can expand production scale.

Through one month's communication, our client confimed the solution. But we still faced a big problem-higher ocean fright. The problem would keep a long time for covid-19 in foreign trade. At the beginning, client had own agency, but he found the price is the same as we offered. Finally, in order to reduce matters, our client decided to let us tale full responsibility.

Finally, after discussing all details, we sent our best quotation to our Pakistan customer as soon as possible. During two months, our client asked some questions, installations, oprations, payment and others.

Finally, our sale signed the contract with our client on May 5, 2021. He said hope to cooperate again with JOYSHINE.

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