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This vegetable water bubble vegetables washing machine is designed and widely used in washing various fruits and vegetables with different shapes.
It adopts the bubble surfing, brushing, spraying technology for maximize clean of the objects.
Working principle: This multifunctional bubble washing machine works through high pressure water flow and water bubbles to impact and scrub of the cleaner objects.

Product Advantage:

  • 1. Multifunction, wide application, no damage to our products.
  • 2. Mesh belt conveying, speed adjustable.
  • 3. With secondary spray system and water recycling system, saving water
  • 4. It can add 0 zone and ultrasonic generator.
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The corn washing machine can process whole corn or corn kernels. It is convenient for the quick freezing corn in the later stage.

Corn washing machine is to rinse the material with water under a certain pressure to clean the bacteria attached to the dirt and the epidermis. The device is equipped with a bubble generating device to make the material roll over and remove the pesticide residue on the surface of the product. Floating matter can overflow from the overflow port, and the sediment can be drained out. After washing in the water bath, the roller can be cleaned to remove impurities, so as to achieve the cleaning effect. The fish bubble cleaning machine is designed for materials with high appearance requirements. When the sorting cleaning machine passes, the worker can check the cleanliness of the material, further clean the uncleaned dirt, and remove the damaged products.

vegetable and fruit washing machine

Vegetable corn washing machine is made of stainless steel SUS304 / 2B except for standard parts such as motors and bearings, which fully meets the hygiene requirements of exported food. The device is equipped with a bubble generation device to make the material roll over and remove the pesticide residue on the surface of the product. At the same time, an appropriate amount of medicament can be added to disinfect and fix the color. The floating matter can overflow from the overflow tank and the sediment is discharged from the mouth to achieve The purpose of cleaning.

Corn washer is designed for materials with high appearance requirements, and is suitable for cleaning and soaking granular, leaf-like, and rhizome products such as vegetables, fruits, and aquatic products. The corn are fully dispersed, tumbled, cleaned and transferred under the action of high pressure and strong bubbles in the water tank. The sand and sand removed from the surface of the material sink into the bottom isolation bin, and there will be no recirculation caused by tilting and backflow. Impurities and bugs in the floating water are collected through the mesh of the decontamination mechanism. The next time they are cleaned by the hair roller, after washing After the material is out of water, it is sprayed and cleaned, and then sent to the next process.

Parameters of corn washing machine 

Model Power(kw) Size(mm) Weight(kg) Mesh width(mm)
































Corn washing machine multifunctional application :

Suitable for all kinds of fruits and vegetables: blueberry, strawberry, tomato, apple, seafood, mushroom, celery, lettuce, shrimp, corn, etc.


Video of corn processing machine

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