200kgh Banana Chips Drying Line Delivery To Bolivia 

May 28, 2022

1 Unit of customized 200kg/h banana chips drying line Delivery to Bolivia this week. After 30 days producing and testing, 1 units of 200kg/h banana chips drying line including banana slicer, banana chips dryer with gas heating, banana chips vibrating machine, banana chips packaging machine were finished producing. 

Product performance characteristics of Joyshine banana chips drying line:

1. Made of all stainless steel to meet the national regulations on food hygiene;

2. The electrical appliances are waterproof to avoid the electrical appliances from being burnt out due to the humid environment;

3. The electrical appliance has overload protection and leakage protection to ensure the personal safety of the operator;

4. The frequency converter is used for speed regulation with high accuracy;

5. In order to make the water temperature in the washing section meet the cleaning requirements and make the turnover box clean thoroughly, a domestic famous brand temperature sensor is used;

6. The interior of the whole machine is designed with a spray type, which makes the cleaning process uniform and the yield is high.

7. Equipped with automatic entry and exit function, automatic operating device.

8. The temprature can be control automatically which can help you get high quality products.

9. Three kinds of heating methods are optional, gas, electriciy and both of them. Which is the best for you?


As we know, this food drying line is not used for making banana chips, also for making dragon fruit, kiwi, potato, cassava, sweet potato, chilli, tea, etc.

Also there is 200kg/h banana chips production line by frying to help you get banana chips easily and quicky, if you want to know more detials, please contact us soon.


The parameter of 200kg/h banana chips drying line




Heating method



Banana slicer





Banana chips dryer





Banana chips vibrating machine





Banana chips packaging machine





banana chips drying line



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