Small Scale Potato Chips Plant in Chile

May 29, 2022

According to the needs of overseas market for newer in potato chips business, our companty has reseached a small scale potato chips machine for our customers. This line includes potato slicer, potato chips blancher, potato chips dewatering machine, potato chips fryer, potato chips deoiler, potato chips sealer.

As we see, our client from Chile has ordered a unit to begin his bussiness in his hometown. According to comunicate with each other, he offered potato chips to local surpermarket. He has signed the contract with his clients and offered potato chips on July 10th.

In order to not delay the client’s production, our engineers worked overtime to get the work done. Now his order has been finished, today will be shipped to Chile. After 20-25 days, the goods will arrive. He also expresssed the hope of further cooperation with us next time.

semi-automatic potato chips making machine in Chile

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