Avocado Washing Machine


Avocado fruit washing machine is designed and widely used in washing various fruits and vegetables with different shapes.
It adopts the bubble surfing, brushing, spraying technology for maximize clean of the objects.
Working principle: This multifunctional bubble washing machine works through high pressure water flow and water bubbles to impact and scrub of the cleaner objects.

Product Advantage:

  • 1. Multifunction, wide application, no damage to our products.
  • 2. Mesh belt conveying, speed adjustable.
  • 3. With secondary spray system and water recycling system, saving water
  • 4. It can add 0 zone and ultrasonic generator.
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> The avocado washing machine uses a bubble washing machine. The bubbles generated by the bubble generator make the avocado tumble and rub in the water so that the impurities and dust on the surface of the avocado are removed. The bubbles are gentle and delicate, and will not damage the surface of the avocado even when cleaned. The avocado cleaning machine can clean and process a variety of materials, such as citrus, oranges, lemons, apples, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, greens, etc. Its output can be customized, and the avocado washing machine is high-efficiency and practical equipment.

How avocado cleaning machine works?

> The avocado enters the water tank, and under the action of high-pressure water flow and strong air bubbles, the avocado washing machine is fully dispersed, rolled, washed, and transported. Sediment eluted from the surface of the avocado sinks to the bottom. In the treatment of precipitated impurities, the water circulation of the circulating water pump allows the impurities to enter the water circulation tank. The filter device of the water tank can be freely disassembled, the filtered impurities are left in the water tank, and the floating objects are discharged through the upper overflow port to ensure that the pool is clean at the same time. , can remove impurities in time and ensure the cleaning effect of avocado.

bubble washing machine details

The feafures of avocado cleaning machine

  • The avocado washing machine is equipped with a circulating water pump and a filter water tank, which realizes the recycling of cleaning water, saves water, and supplements and replaces new water according to the actual production situation.
  • The motor of the conveyor belt of the equipment can realize the function of adjusting the speed change. The cleaned materials are conveyed through the mesh chain, automatically fed and automatically discharged, and the conveying speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted according to the production needs.
  • Using food grade 304 stainless steel material, long service life, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Wide range of applications, suitable for cleaning and processing various fruits and vegetables, and can also be customized according to user needs.
  • The avocado washing machine saves time and labor costs, and only one person can complete the operation.

Advantages of avocado cleaning machine

  • The shell of the main part can be disassembled, and all the pipes and joints are designed with quick-change joints, which can achieve tool-free disassembly and assembly, convenient sanitation and cleaning, and no dead ends.
  • The avocado cleaning machine is designed with a combination of water purification spray and bubble cleaning to achieve the ideal cleaning effect.
  • Unique structural design, which can be adjusted according to the width to be processed.
  • All the water tanks of this avocado cleaning machine are equipped with a slip-and-fall design, and the water tanks can be freely pumped and cleaned.
  • The avocado washing machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high production efficiency, good cleaning effect, simple maintenance, easy installation, and labor-saving.
  • The avocado cleaning machine has high production efficiency and can be customized according to the needs of customers’ output.

Parameters of avocado washing machine:






















Application of avocado fruit washing machine

1. Restaurant, kitchen, food factory, farm etc.
2. It is an indispensable washing device for the fruit and vegetable or seafood processing, and suitable for all kinds of processing scale enterprise, such as: blueberry, strawberry, tomato, apple, seafood, mushroom, celery, lettuce, shrimp, corn and so on.
3. This bubble washing machine is widely used with other machines to combine one whole processing line, like vegetable cutting machine, brush polishing machine and air drying machine


Video of indestrial advocado washing machine

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