Small scale plantain chips making machine


Small scale banana chips production line is mainly for banana chips processing. It can make banana cut into chips easily. But it needs people to operate. Compared with fully automatic banana chips production line, it is the first choice for small process enterprise.

Product Advantage:

  • 1. Its capacity is about 30-500kg/h. Meanwhile, we can accept customized service.
  • 2. Heating method: electric or gas heating you can choose.
  • 3. It is easy, safe and hygienic to operate.
  • 4. The materials are from excellent stainless steel.
  • 5. Final products: potato chips, french fries and banana chips.
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Small Fried Banana chips Plant Introduction

Similar to the potato chips process, the fried banana chips production line has the same slicing, frying, and seasoning procedure.

1. Generally, fried banana chips are made from immature or green bananas.

2. Banana chips manufacturers could flavor different sauces to make fried banana chips sweet, salty, or spicy.

3. Offer different capacities banana chips making machine line as per your need.

plantain chips making process

Semi-automatic Banana Chips Processing Line Features:

1. Semi-automatic operation taking place of the manual process improves overall banana chips productivity greatly with less time

and labor.

2. All processing(frying, seasoning)time can be adjusted for a perfect taste

3. The semi-automatic fried banana chips production line is most suitable for small-scale banana chips manufacturers for much less

investment and the same high-quality banana chips.

4. The difference between the semi-automatic line and the fully-automatic banana chins production line is the convevor devire. in

semi-automatic banana chips processing line, workers need to put products into the next machine with their hands.

5. Whole fried banana chips making circumstances are more clean and tidy in the semi-automatic fried banana chips production line.

6. Banana chips made by machines rather than workers have a neat and beautiful appearance.


1. Its capacity is about 50-150kg/h. This process line is preferable for small chips making business. And it is an ideal opportunity for you to start your ow business.

2. Heating method: electric or gas heating you can choose.

3. Esay operate and maintance: It is easy, safe and hygienic to operate.

4. The materials are from excellent stainless steel.

5. Final products: potato chips, french fries and banana chips.

6. Tailor-made solutions. A reliable process line is a success factor for your potato chips making business. We offer customized turnkey solutions for you to get the optimum result.

7. Premium machines. Small as it is, plantain chips mini plant consists a series of robust and clean machines. Most of the machines are made of stainless steel 304, ensuring safe and hygienic environment for the chips processing.

8. Competitive prices. With our all engineering and production team, we can offer you quality machines with reasonable prices.

9. Great flexibility. In the small banana chips plant, all the machines specially designed so that they can be easily installed, cleaned and maintained.


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1. People can use it in many places, such as small process enterprise, food factory, etc.
2. It is can be used for all kinds of root vegetables and fruits, potato, carrot, apple, banana etc.


Video of small scale banana chips machine

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